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An Updated iOS App by Spotify

Having recently got its iOS app updated, Spotify now lets its users make easier navigations. With the interface cleaned up and a new sidebar added where users all that users will have to do now is swipe from left to right and all access to further information will be provided. Users will also be provided with an all inclusive menu for things like Inbox, Friends, Playlists, Radio, What’s New etc.

What the startup Spotify does is it helps you get new music discovered by providing you with a platform for the streaming of music.

The startup’s recent Windows Phone8 Platform had mainly provided users to one of the largerst platforms for the streaming of music. While the app was first available to users of legacy Windows Phone, Symbian, Android and iOS, it was soon spread to the Windows Phone Software, before it got released as free beta in the Windows Phone Store.

Users now also have the opportunity of using the now playing bar added by the team at Spotify in order to have a look at the track which plays all the time. When the phone is locked , users will be able to view the right and title of the number playing.

Some of the gesture tricks provided by this Now Playing Bar to users include the switching of tracks by swiping, and receiving more information on the track currently playing by either dragging or tapping. Tapping on the cover art will provide you an extended view of the other menu options like repeat, shuffle and Airplay.

Spotify has in fact also added one more ingredient called the Track Menu, that presents users with the redesigned context menu. The startup has also recently expanded itself to Windows Phone, thus giving severe competition to Rdeo, which seems to be having a tough time in spite of its recent UL refresh.

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