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AlumniFunder Connecting Students and Alumni in a Novel Way

There is no better way in getting students in the college connected with the alumni. This is what AlumniFunder plans to do. It plans to get a platform provided to alumni where they can connect with students by investing in their innovative projects.

The project can be regarding anything from a documentary film to a research on the processing of language to a new science lab. This can also be of great help to students in acquiring their required capital to move ahead with their ideas.

The key differentiator between AlumniFunder and other similar startups is that this startup does not bear an affiliation with any college. It rather serves as a marketplace for better funding. The users registering for the platform are spilt into “doers” which refer to those creating a project and “Alumni”, referring to those getting projects funded and browsed.

All that a doer has to do in order to become a part of the network is to get him registered with the edu email address. The network will then proceed to get his projects posted for duration of thirty to sixty days.

A student having hit the target for funding will get his money transferred through Stripe. The projects also get overseen in order to ensure appropriateness and decency to a certain extent. Students are also provided with tools from Vimeo and Prezo in order to get their presentations built and shared with the alumni in a better way.

The main aim behind the creation of the startup is the creation of a channel between students and alumni. Alumni here are also encouraged to engage in entrepreneurial initiatives and off campus programs. Resources can be pooled here as observed by S Ryna Meyer, the startup’s cofounder.

“We aim to be a marketplace for ideas, using crowdfunding as a tool to change the dynamics of university education and alumni relationships, creating untold opportunities for experiential learning,” Meyer tells us. “And we want to fund some kick-ass startups, too.”

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