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Akosha Makes The Complex Delhi University Admissions Easy

New Delhi: Akosha, a messaging platform for all consumer-to-business interactions, is now extending its services to students who are seeking admission in Delhi University. Through the Akosha app they can chat with experts and have all their queries and doubts regarding the Delhi University admission process answered in minutes. Akosha is currently receiving around 500 queries per day and its Facebook page already has 10,000 likes for the initiative.

The idea behind the initiative is to save students some anxiety and trouble that has become a common feature of getting admissions into the most popular and prestigious campus of the country. Now instead of running around in the heat from post to pillar, the students can sit in the comfort of their homes now get all their doubts clarified by asking the experts through the mobile app. The questions that the students ask vary from basic queries about important dates, admission tests etc. to more vital and often confusing questions such as the eligibility for various courses and their cut-off. The experts that Akosha has enlisted are second year students of the University who are well acquainted with all the formalities involved and are also interacting with heads of departments and attending Open Sessions on campus to be on top of all the happenings. They are therefore in a position to help out students with ready access to all vital information in a few clicks.

Founded in 2009 by Ankur Singla, customers can connect with any businesses using an Akosha mobile app, dedicated customer care helpline and website. On the business-to-business side, Akosha OneDirect is a social CRM platform that helps brands in managing their customer experience across all online channels. Akosha has received over 40,00,000 consumer queries across sectors, including telecom, consumer appliances, e-Commerce, mobile, banking and insurance in 2014. The company has 350+ employees and three offices in India. The company also claims to have secured $16 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital.

Speaking on the initiative, Ankur Singla, CEO & Founder, Akosha says, “The vision behind the initiative is to leverage the benefits of technology to solve regular pain points of the common man. On the Akosha chat app, we have 7 channels at the moment and this initiative falls into the category of education. This is one domain that is extremely crucial but is often replete with complex procedures and unclear stipulations in our country. Going forward, we will introduce more such campaigns to solve the basic needs of our users.”

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