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Aggregift: Gifting in a Different Way from Amazon

Goods on Amazon can now get purchased in a whole new way with the launching of Aggregift, a new startup that deals with gifting. Beta tests by the company have been run in the past few months with over a thousand users. Users can now get crowdfunding campaigns initiated for their gifts.

The service is designed in a way as to make it easy for users to use. To start with, a product link from Amazon gets dropped in Aggregift by the originator of the campaign. Users who have no idea what to gift their friends can look through the company’s website for recommended gifts. Another option is live chat where users can coordinate with the gift concierges at Aggregift.

Once a user gets a gift selected, a page gets created by the campaign on, along with a URL that can be shared through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Contributions requested need not really be posted on a user’s Timeline in Facebook. However it can provide the campaign with a greater visibility especially among those close to the recipient wanting to participate.

The amount that each individual has contributed will not be revealed to the recipient of the gift. Badges are given to these buyers of these gifts, labeling them with titles like top contributor and other similar titles.

The startup’s official cofounder was Greg Schvey and Austin Lin, his classmate from college. Their full time work began in the late summer of 2012.

“People today are more connected than they have ever been. There’s all this communication happening, but we realized that there’s a lack of ways for people to celebrate together,” Schvey explains of why this product made sense to them.

“The gifting space has become a bit crowded,” he admits, “but what we’ve seen is that there’s still a huge gap in the products that are out there and the way people interact with each other.”

The first company that the startup has been working with is Amazon. However it does plans to get its services expanded to other retailers.


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