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Ads to be Familiar as TapCommerce Raises $1.2M

Headquartered in New York City, TapCommerce receives $1.2 million in seed round of funding. The company is a leader for retargeting; which is nothing but promoting right kind of ads at the right place. The ads are projected for products to sell, increasing the revenue and ROI across mobile platforms. The company received the funding from RRRE Ventures, ENIAC Ventures, NextView Ventures and Metamorphic Ventures; with uniform funding from all, reports Antony Ha of Techcrunch.

The whole concept is about drawing more customers after the promotions; through various media sources such as web advertising and e-commerce advertising etc, but Apple mobile devices don’t support the promotion. The CEO stated that the problem would be sorted out very soon. Brian Long, CEO, says, “There is a bit of secret sauce, but we use very large amounts of data coupled with sophisticated statistical analysis to produce extremely accurate results for retargeting”, as reported by Antony Ha of Techcrunch.

The e-commerce people are the ones who have the advantage, because they can see those ads and book products immediately.

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Jitesh Nagaria,Founder & CEO,doLoop-Technologies

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Jitesh Nagaria,Founder & CEO,doLoop-Technologies