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Activate Networks Closes Series B with $ 10 Billion

One of the leading providers of network analytics, Activate Networks has recently closed its series B funding round. This round was mainly led by Reed Elsevier Ventures. Apart from it, investors like Excel Venture Management and Premier healthcare alliance also participated in the round. The funding round was closed with the company having raised a $ 10 million.

"The financing will allow us to accelerate our growth and maintain our leading position in network analytics for enterprises," said Activate Networks CEO Larry Miller. "As more companies seek to generate value from their existing Big Data, Activate Networks' software and predictive analytics will provide a unique and highly valuable network 'lens'.” –as reported by activenetworks .net

Activate Networks offers its customers an analytics platform which is based on groundbreaking research from leaders recognized in the field of network science.

Addressing key business issues of companies like Fortune 500 with its state of the art network science, and enhancing their performance, Activate Networks is of great use to life science companies like pharmaceuticals and hospital systems across the country and internationally.

"Activate Networks enables companies to quickly map and optimize their networks," said Juan Enriquez, Managing Director of Excel Venture Management and Board Member of Activate Networks. "This has had a real and immediate impact on profits and operations across many industries."

Reed Elsevier Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in London and San Francisco, backed by one of the world's most successful media and information companies, Reed Elsevier. Its mission is to invest in entrepreneurs and management teams that have the vision to build great companies.

"Reed Elsevier Ventures is committed to investing in companies that can become market leaders," said Tony Askew, General Partner at Reed Elsevier Ventures. "We invest in groundbreaking analytic technologies in healthcare, technology, information, and media. Activate Networks provides an innovative, unique, and proven technology to generate key insights across multiple sectors."

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