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Action Packed Superheroes for Girls

Entrepreneurs have given a try to various roles in the market, with experiments and they have concluded with a new concept. Let’s forget the serious ones like tech, healthcare, education startups and entrepreneurs who have come up with toy startups in the U.S. Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn possess the rights of the toy series Captain Action, which is an adventure hero toy of the 60’s era. Both of them together are trying to regain the popularity of the past, by introducing the comic series and a new toy collection for small boys, reports

Currently based in the U.S., both of them are trying to revive the popularity of the toy series. Like the girls had the company of the Barbie doll, the boys had G.I. Joe’s. Therefore, the main intention is to come up with a variety of colorful costumes so that kids find it attractive, with girls as action fighters.

Previous year, both of them were selling the captain action version, with the circulation of the comic series. When they visited a toy fair recently, they figured out that large companies are giving prominence to girl action series of action toys. They are in talks to get the licensing done from the Warner Bro’s, to create superhero costumes for girls for example Wonder Woman, Batgirl etc.

“Breaking into the girls” doll category could be a tough challenge for an action-figure company, because girls don’t tend to play with action figures the way boys do.” says Chris Byrne an industry expert.

Well let’s check the popularity of the new dolls that spring up into the market very soon.

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