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Accenture Survey Reveals Most Users Open to Password Alternatives

Bangalore: Accenture, the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company reveals that 77 percent of users are open to password alternatives. The research based on the survey on username and password carried out in October-November 2014, was conducted on 24000 people across 25 countries stretched over six continents and it also concludes that 60 percent of the consumers find username and password onerous and thus, they look for  better ways to secure their privacy.

The research report titled ‘Digital Confide in the IoT Era’ published that China and India are leading the way for an alternative with 92 and 84 percent followed by Brazil, Mexico, Sweden with 78 percent and Coalesced States with 74 percent. The survey additionally reported that 46 percent of the ecumenical consumers are confident on the security of the personal data.
With traditional password system on the verge of extinction, Apple innovated the path of personal devices security with finger-print detection which is now considered by many. “The widespread practice of writing usernames and passwords to authenticate on to the Internet might anon become obsolete. Consumers are increasingly frustrated with these traditional methods because they are becoming less reliable for protecting their personal data such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers and purchasing history,” instigated Robin Murdoch, Managing Director of Accenture’s Internet and Convivial business segment.

Though there is a bunch of alternatives present today, personal devices, bank accounts, email accounts and convivial networking sites still accept username & password and very often two-step verification for an account, thereby pushing it to susceptibility. Murdoch integrated, “As hackers utilize more-sophisticated and less-conspicuous methods, passwords are no longer optically discerned as the definitive answers to the security question. Traditional one-step passwords are now being matched with alternative methods utilizing biometric technologies such as finger-print apperception and two-step devices verification. Within the next few years we are liable to visually perceive many more consumers embracing these and other alternative methods”. Thus, with an inflation of IoT devices and perspicacious technologies from Google, Apple and many more, the days are not so far when username and passwords will be a myth and bunch of future technologies shall have taken its place.


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