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A Startup That Makes a Difference to the Event Industry

NightPro, the budding company from Miami, has been working with the nightlife industry by offering its platform for cloud based event management. The startup is more of a company dealing with technology. It also has a great marketing background. It had, prior to this, an experience of aiding the Fortune 500s in getting their technology leveraged.

The Opium Group and the MMG, which are two among the largest promoters that are found in this region, work with this company.

Reports, promoters, guest lists and reservations at Opium are all well taken care of by this startup with its software, which is in fact one among the best when it comes to the managing of nightclubs.

Another aim of this startup is to assist all venue and event managers in their business with its cloud based app for venue management. The app is in fact based on feedback from different users. The app had in fact been tested in different venues within Miami.

The startup is also exceptional in its support extended out to customers and this includes things like live chat and assistance.

The company was founded by two cofounders namely Fransisco Quintero and Juan Bermudez. With its iphone and ipad apps only recently built, the startup soon plans to get its premium version developed and customized. The startup has also got itself integrated with online ticketing.

“We have been working with larger companies that want to expand with us in the U.S. and beyond,” was what Juan Bermudez had said, as reported by the The cofounders had used some help by Jesus Rodriguez, the serial entrepreneur, in getting its sales improved.



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