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A Startup Devoted to Man's Best Friends

A dog parent, according to Henrik Werdelin is very different from a dog owner and truly loves and cares for his dog. His startup, founded by two other cofounders, is especially meant for these dog parents out there.

The other cofounders for this startup include Carly Strife and Matt Meeker. In fact, Matt had his father sign up for the startup without having any idea what the startup would deal with.

Barkbox mainly provides all dog parents newer ways and better things to get their dogs all delighted. This includes things like a dog massager or ice cube trays in the shape of a bone for unique treats to name a few. Other products here include shampoos, toys, treats, bones and also innovative forms of   gadgets and technologies.

Users will have to decide on the sizes, where they can select between three options, which include, small and cute, just right, or big and bold. Subscribers will have to pay an amount of $29 each month.

The startup has also been working on a ecommerce model to aid shelter dogs.

All that a dog lover has to do here is get himself signed up online. A box of goodies will then get sent on the fifteenth of every month. However ten percent of these stuff will be kept aside for local shelter and the first box delivered will contain a yellow collar that indicates the particular dogs support for local charities.

The products in these boxes are prepared by local and small time vendors. While two of the cofounders here are owners of pet dogs themselves while Henrik on the other hand sponsors shelter dogs.

“I’m the guy who stands at the dog park drooling. I’ve even tried to seduce dogs on the street with my BarkBoxes.”, he says, as reported by

The startup today has over a thousand subscribers and has been shipping to almost every state. It has also managed to raise a recent round of financing landing at an amount of $1.7 million. Barkbox plans to use this amount in undertaking newer initiatives, increasing its presence in marketing and working on growing its team. It has also partnered with companies like Living Social and Groupon and has collaborated with other big time pet companies.

“We started BarkBox because we’re all obsessed with our dogs,” BarkBox CEO and cofounder Matt Meeker told the news source. “I would stop at the local pet store a couple times a week, spend $25 per trip, and always asked the teenager working there what was good. It was clear he didn’t know, so we knew there had to be a better way.”, as has been reported by


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