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A Smarter Messaging App by MessageMe

The messaging app space has been growing and increasing in popularity with time, with the creation of more new startups and entrepreneurs by the moment. The latest one here is MessageMe. Light and fast, its focus is not mere photos and texting but much more. A user using this app can get images pulled in from Google, videos pulled in from YouTube, music from iTunes or doodles that can be drawn.

“We weren’t originally thinking about building a messaging app,” says Arjun Sethi, the CEO of MessageMe, as reported by

The startup was mainly created by the CEO after having grown an earlier company called LoLapps for social gaming. “We thought about how you just communicate,” he said. “We want people to choose whatever medium they feel most comfortable with.” he says.

The startup provides a platform where friend’s lists get pre populated with the use of either a log in from Facebook or an Address Book. Messages are sent quickly through a click switch between photos, videos, images, texts, doodles or music. Other options like money and stickers are also on their way to being built.

Because of its ability and speed at which ridiculous songs and images can be pulled in, the startup has been approved by Beta Testers. “This isn’t about sending file formats. It’s about sending how you feel,” Sethi said. “We’re really, really focused on asynchronous communication. We’re not thinking about doing voice calls or FaceTime. We’re focused on what we consider natural human communication.”

Words or messages could be physically drawn by users in the early stages of Beta Testing. The startup was designed with the idea of letting users communicate with over seven to ten members of family and friends each day.

“We obviously admire the companies that are out there. We’re scared of the companies that are out there,” Sethi said. “But it makes us focused on what we’re about and the context and mediums in which people communicate.”

The startup is also determined to not rely on advertising. “We really don’t want to focus on advertising. We don’t want to be on moving users out of the experience to download game,” he said. “It’s not something that we think is core to what we’re building.”

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