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A Platform to Recognize The Most Shared Content

The fifteen seconds pre roll ads and banners in the business of digital media are no longer as successful as they once were. Instead, brands can now get their content directly integrated into various publisher sites. Interactive games, photo streams, web films and longer form videos are some of the things that Native Advertising is all about. One such startup that focuses on this area of advertising is Sharethrough.

The startup has recently been working on another way to get its native ads browsed and this has resulted in its recent launching of its Native Advertising Leaderboard. What it works on is the turning of data from the APIs of social platforms into “a daily news feed for anyone (brands/agencies/pubs/editors) who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the native advertising and brand content movement.”, in the words of Dan Greenberg, the CEO of the company, as reported by Techcrunch.

For this it searches various sites like Forbes, Mashable and BuzzFeed for sponsored content which it then ranks on the basis of how many times it has been shared on social networking sites like LinkedIn , Twitter and Facebook.The results can be filtered by visitors based on the industry, publisher and brand. The site that receives the most number of sharing on social networking sites here is BuzzFeed.

“You can also see some smaller publications doing great native advertising work with major brands – for example, Apartment Therapy is one of the top drivers of sponsored posts when sorted by sharing on Pinterest,” ,says Dan.

The platform was first created for internal use, but soon became publicly available as decided by Dan on the advice of a friend.

The startup has thus been focusing on more than just video. Its Sponsored stories ad unit lets users get any content promoted in a native format.

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