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A New Brand Platform by Maluuba

Launched in September 2012 at the Disrupt SF, Maluuba is an app that works as a kind of alternative to Siri for users of Android and Window Phone, where voice requests can easily get turned into useful sources of action or information.

For instance, a user using Maluuba for Windows Phone 8 can get events, businesses, movies and restaurants searched apart from other things like getting meetings scheduled, calls, emails and texts placed, alarms and reminders set, directions given and weather determined. The platform even helps in getting the outlook calendar determined.

The platform does to Android what Siri does to iOS. The only difference here is that the Maluuba platform is an open one. The company had only recently got its voice API launched thus giving apps the power for computing and voice transcription. In fact, attempts have been made by the team at Maluuba in order to get the app better evolved.

The startup has in fact recently gotten itself teamed up with two companies namely Walmart and Best Buy, thus letting instant queries on shopping to be featured on its feature set. Efforts are also being made to get the Maluuba platform integrated into different devices like cars, TVs, fridges etc.

The company’s recent phone version had been debuted at MWC along with a small demo.

“Windows Phone 8 is a great opportunity for us and we’re excited for users to get it in their hands. We’ve gotten praise for our Android app from both the press and users and we think Windows Phone will be as positive. We’ve done some neat integration with live tiles and will continue to add more as Microsoft grows the platform. Unlike Google Now and Siri, we want Maluuba to be device independent. We’re in an age where users expect great services to not only work on multiple platforms but to leverage each platform’s strengths, we think we’ve done that for Android and Windows Phone and we’re already working on expanding to more platforms soon.”, the company declares, as reported by

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