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A New Brand Called Offset for Curated Images

Spectrum is a new search tool launched by Shutterstock, one of the leading online companies dealing with stock photography. The tool was launched with January along with twenty million images presented with specific colors and keywords on the website. The startup has also recently launched a new brand called offset. This brand is mainly for a collection of images with quality and creative distinction.

“These are images you’ll want to spend time with,” says Scott Braut, VP of Content at Shutterstock, as reported by

The brand is now in its stage of private beta. Users are however allowed to browse through the handpicked images by Shutterstock. These images kept aside for their artistic direction and authenticity and go up to a total of twenty five thousand. The consistent quality source by Offset has here been ensured by the startup Shutterstock.

The brand will now be a good source to find quality images, thus helping various photo buyers, magazines and agencies. A few notable clients have in fact been assembled together in the round of private beta, as reported by representatives on Shutterstock. Their identities however have not been disclosed by the company. Some of the collection’s features have been featured in the company’s launch party held at the Leila Heller Gallery. The preview event also had curators involved and elected because of their being “disruptive in their respective categories”, as reported by

Selected imagery of each curator was projected upon a wall, and this was done with eight kiosks.  The photography and art presented here was a highly engaging one. Once purchased, users will also receive royalty free licenses by the company with web usage and unlimited print. The pricing system here is simplified. Offset will be opened to the public in the months.


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