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A More Interactive Education with the Startup Wonderville

Aimed at serving children and helping them in their education, Wonderville is a new platform that makes use of various third party sources in order to bring out educational content for all kids.

The platform uses sources like apps, videos, T.V. shows and eBooks in order ti come up with the creation of ‘Smart Galleries” for children. These can consist various digital content like sets of facts, apps and quizzes that can serve as a reflection of what kids learn at school.

The program had in fact taken nine months to develop before having gotten it officially launched. It focuses on helping kids right from their kindergarten up to the fifth grade. Classrooms and teachers too can now get themselves connected to the platform. In this way, greater collaboration and sharing is enabled here.

Smart galleries are now being created through inputs from a number of teachers. These come in various forms like quizzes, rewards, images and videos.

What differentiates this startup from other similar startups in the industry is its point of specialization where it, unlike the other startups that cater to all K12 teachers, provides its focus only on the younger students.

According to Mark Eastwood, who serves as Wonderville’s founder, the recent pilot program in fact involves teachers from more than fifty schools that are spread over the country. Its crowdsourced content model is being contributed by over twenty five companies and institutions.

The startup has also been looking towards getting its value proposition extended beyond mere content for education by allowing the creation of virtual classrooms with mobile devices, PCs and whiteboards.

The startup has also been recently accepted by the Smart Ecosystem Network thus leading it to reach out to more than a million teachers each month.

With the new platform, the development of students can now be easily tracked by both parents and teachers. The platform is entirely free and is currently being privately financed.

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