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A Little Good Done With Startup Jelly

The announcement regarding Twitter’s new mobile startup has only recently been reported by AllThingsD. The project is being worked on by Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter and is named after its resemblance to the jellyfish which has managed to inspire the team working on this project. The team currently consists employees of four to five.

What the product is going to work on is a mystery for now. Though mainly aimed at tablets and smartphones, the project is not just meant for mobile devices but is for everyone. It is also free and will be available to users in some time. The self funded startup has its offices in San Fransisco.

“We are inspired by this particular animal because neurologically, its brain is more “we” than “me.” Also, for the past 700 million years, this decentralized structure has been wildly successful.”, says Biz Stone, as reported by

Also, this is not a social network but a project aimed at helping and bringing out some good. “People are basically good—when provided a tool that helps them do good in the world, they prove it.”, says the cofounder.

Users will however have to wait for a while before the project becomes available to them. Apart from this, Stone has also been working in collaboration with Ev Williams, one of the other cofounders on Twitter on another incubator called Obvious.

Stone, however will spend most of his time working on this mystery project called Jelly. To emerge as a huge company is currently not one of the main aims of this startup. Users will just have to donate and get petitions signed. There is no such thing as a scoreboard that exists here. The main goal is to do good and inspire others as well.


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