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A Klout of Its Own and Only For Students

Online social identities have become very influential in the lives of college students these days. However this does not mean that they are completely successful. Most brands in fact spend a lot of money on advertising which are not always effective. This is where Ben Kosinski, the founder of Sumpto saw his opportunity.

This product is aimed to serve as the Klout to all college students today. However this does’nt means that the project aims to be another replica of Klout. It’s just that the goals here are similar.

Measuring the level of social influence among peers in college, the platform aims to identify and reward influential students in colleges. For this, students are given a score, measuring their degree of influence among their peers.

“Everyone loves, cough, hates hearing about Klout,” the Sumpto founder says, “so we want to differentiate our model from Klout and, so far, it’s been working.”, as reported by

Unlike Klout that measures people regardless of their age, what Sumpto does is to get metrics that can be applied to college students only incorporated. This is segmented and built into the platform’s algorithms.  In this way brands are provided with a better access to target marketing.

While Klout provides its perks based on influential topics, location and score, Sumpto’s rewards are offered based on influential topics in addition to other aspects too like Greek affiliation, the type and size of school, etc. Also, students receiving awards are in no way made to say anything about the brands. On the other hand, conversations take place around the product. This method is far more effective and social than other more traditional methods.

The Sumpto platform is useful in getting male college students from universities, affiliated with Greek life that have a Sumpto score of 35 and above identified by the brand’s algorithm. These students are provided with free products and exclusive access by these brands. The brands are then charged by Sumpto.

The platform has currently seen a total of 10,000 students having registered on it. It has recently gotten $90 K raised by a few angel investors apart from having opened a seed round of $500K.


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