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A Contest to Show Your Importance for Office Space

From Grand Rapids, MI, where its headquarters are, the Steelcase brand will begin its road trip which will last for ten days. After making its trip across nine states, it will end at Austin, Tx for one of the largest startup gathering.

Going through nine states, the Turnstone bus will make a stop at five cities in order to announce the winners of a recent contest as part of its campaign called Culture@Work in the Heartland. The participants here will include small companies with not more than a hundred employees. So what is this contest all about?

"Space shapes behavior. The best small businesses create and work in spaces that authentically reflect their brand," said Kevin Kuske, chief anthropologist and general manager for turnstone. “Our 'Culture@Work in the Heartland' campaign is designed to showcase both great startups in Middle America and to help other entrepreneurs see the intimate connection between culture, space and business success.” as reported by

The winners of the contest will thus be awarded with an office makeover worth $20,000 thus enhancing their organization’s culture to a great extent. Applications can be submitted online till the 10th of February, along with photos, answers to a few questions regarding business culture and an explanation of why an office makeover is important in order to make a difference in its cultural norm.

A surprise visit will be made to winners from five cities which include Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and Dallas.

Turnstone had recently conducted another contest called “Win a Sweet New Office” where contestants had to demonstrate with a video, the reasons behind why a great workplace was important in order to create a difference. One winner here was a startup based in Gainesville, Fl, called Fracture. This startup mainly deals with providing an innovative method of getting person digital photographs printed and framed onto glass. It thus experiences a workplace revitalization by a complete overhaul at its office.

“Our goal with this renovation was to create a workspace that was comfortable, functional, collaborative, and full of positive vibes and energy,” said Matthew Bivens, Fracture director of marketing. “We now have a space with the look and feel that fits exactly with the culture of our company. More importantly, the makeover gave us a feeling that we are a legit business, a feeling that we are no longer a startup company scraping to get by.”

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