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3D Printing is not as difficult as it was

It is a busy world out there where everyone likes their work done at the fastest pace. This is clearly seen from the growing number of startups working towards bringing about this satisfaction. MakeXYZ is one among them. What the startup focuses on is to help you receive your printed stuff at the earliest. The company is based in Austin and was opened this year by Chad Masso and Nathan Tone, two programmers. In spite of its short duration, the website today is a popular and profitable one.

A user who needs to get his work 3D printed can browse for printers before he can get his file uploaded. He can then get his zip code, material and color chosen. His 3D print will either be shipped to him or waiting for him to come and get it picked.

“We have signed up 550 printers in 1.5 months. We don’t disclose revenue or order volume data,” said Natan Tone. “Printing locally turns out to be a sweet deal. In comparison to 3D printing service bureaus, customers going through MakeXYZ get their 3D models for half the cost in a third of the time. And you get to meet the person who made your model… in our opinion, community beats anonymous factories.”

Tone had mainly come across this idea at a time when he wanted to get a light switch cover created. “I didn’t have a 3D printer, so I shipped the CAD file to a printing-service bureau in NY. It was expensive and took over a month to arrive. Which was frustrating, in that when you’re making something you want to have it in your hands – to admire, iterate, etc. And since I’m sure that there’s gotta be one person in my building with a Makerbot.”, he says.

“Printing locally does just that – by keeping it in the community and halving the cost and turnaround time of making something awesome,” Tone said.

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