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3 Online Sources Ideal for Expert Advice

As a small business owner, you have the authority of taking decisions every day; of which some click and the others fade away. But as an entrepreneur, your decisions are at stake if you own a company. If you take a wrong step, it affects your company largely which you may have to pay hugely for it. Therefore, it is always better to take expert advice to put your company on the forefront making it ‘Big’ with a lucrative future.

If you don’t have a legal advisor, an accountant or proficient marketing professionals, look into these online websites to seek more help on your business.

#3.Pearl: With a tagline “Wisdom when you want it”, the website provides help within next 24 hours via the online chat room. The website has doctors, attorneys and computer technicians to the various kinds of queries that startups may need.

Before signing in, the company must pass through certain key areas for proof. Pearl charges $30 per question that the professional wants to seek answers, but this varies on the depth of the question and the time required in submitting the answers by the company.

#2. Live Person: If you are looking out at experts you can do that through Live Person as well. It is another platform where you can question the experts regarding your startup. The fee varies from $1 a minute, to talk to an ebook expert and raises to $2.95 a minute with a Psychotherapist.

#3.Skype in the Workspace: Skype has launched a new service named as Skype in the Workspace for startups to ask, connect and form new ventures. These meetings which are organized for free ranging from a five to fifteen minutes. There are professionals from vivid streams to give you an insight as to how to bring up your company in the most efficient and cost effective manner so that your resources are not exploited and left unutilized.

These few minutes of your conversation can motivate you to come up with vibrant ideas for your startup. Thus, if you have queries regarding your startup firm, log onto any of these for more assistance and growth of the company.

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