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10 Basics for Mental Strength of Entrepreneurs

There are very few who have the knack to be mentally strong when it is required, especially in adverse situations which affect a person’s performance, if he does not have a control over his mind. Dr. Jason Selk in his latest book “Executive Toughness”, talks about mental toughness by correlating two aspects sports and business.

Elaborating on this topic, Marty Zwilling, CEO, Startup professionals Inc lays ten fundamentals which are quite essential for startups, focusing especially on the toughness an entrepreneur should possess in directing his company and his team towards better prospects. This is because he feels that like a sportsman, even entrepreneurs need to be mentally fit as it widely affects their decision making skills.

1. Prepare your mind to win: A startup has to be given additional attention so that one achieves profit by finding a solution to problems. Also, always be prepared to reach the success line which he has drawn for himself.

2. A vision is essential for long term success: In business it is very much required to set a long term goal to increase the zeal in oneself. At the same time one need to analyze his strengths and weaknesses in order to strive hard to achieve the goal that has been set.

3. Be realistic in nature: Once a business in established, it is necessary to lay down realistic goals within a particular time limit and achieve the ultimate productivity within the stipulated time limit.

4. Set your priority: it is very necessary to prioritize the goals and give them more importance accordingly. When a businessman knows what he wants, he can rank his agenda in order to accomplish his motive.

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