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Zynga and MyMiniLife Together Form Red Hot Labs

It was four years back in 2009 that the gaming startup MyMiniLife had been acquired by Zynga. The plan behind this acquisition was to create a new company, which is today’s Red Hot Labs, which has recently had its seed funding round which included investors like Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Generla Catalyst, SV Angel, Chris Dixon, Keith Rabois, Bill Tai and lastly the two co- creators of Guitar Hero Charles Huang and Kai Huang. The startups plans to use this recently acquired amount in getting a new designer hired apart from a few other position in the team.

However, game development is not all that this current startup will be focusing on. “As I look at the mobile landscape, there’s this huge gap in developer tools,” he said. “There are all these holes that need to be filled. We’re not going to be just about building games but also figuring out where those holes are.” as reported by

The lean approach by Zynga to game development has been borrowed here. “Our company is founded on Zynga-style product management,” Mahajan , earlier cofounder of MyMiniLabs said. “We’ve scaled games to hundreds of millions of people and engineered growth and virility in both good times and bad on the Facebook platform.”

The startup’s first game will in fact come out very shortly.

According to Mahajan, there exist various underutilized methods to get mobile startups to rise.

“We want to use our product experience to figure out how to acquire users more cheaply,” he said, referring to the $5 or more price tag many mobile gaming companies pay to acquire each user. He pointed to viral successes like Snapchat and Instagram as the ideal model he would like to pursue. “We’re developing tools around that.”, as reported by



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