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Zoomdata Raises $1.1 Million from Seed Funding

Zoomdata Inc, a startup dealing with big data visualization has recently closed its round in seed funding with a $1.1 Million. The funding was mainly led by leading angel and institutional investors.

Based in Reston, Va., and consisting of twelve persons, the company helps in the connection and streaming of real big time data apart from the driving of data visualizations on tablet devices. Multiple sources of data share can be used and analyzed by business analysts.

This way these analysts can create a data quilt at a grass route level thus replacing the top down enterprise data modeling.

The funding made will be used in adding seven more persons to the company’s engineering team and rapidly driving innovation in its products.

Being the next generation system in data processing and visualization, the company addresses the huge challenges of big data solutions that are currently not being addressed in the market. Zoomdata overcomes these problems with its speed, access and ease.

In fact Justin Langseth, founder and CEO of the company says "Zoomdata turns real-time big data streams into three-dimensional tactile data art. Zoomdata tablet users can pinch-zoom through beautiful visualizations of their data from the highest to lowest levels --all updated in real time.  We are making big data real-time and accessible to everyone."-as reported by

"The challenges in analyzing big data are immense, as are the opportunities. CIT leverages public and private investments in companies such as Zoomdata with the potential to generate extraordinary returns and results in the marketplace.", says Pete Jobse, President and CEO of the Centre for Innovative Technology in Virginia.

The following are some of the benefits that Zoomdata provides

Stream Processing: This way it enables its customers to integrate into a single real time stream, various multiple sources of data.

Visualization: This helps its customers to utilize historical, real time and future views like zoom, touch , pause, rewind etc, to use data in forming data art.

Access Sharing: Users here can collaborate on, save and share all real time visualizations.

Platforms Support: This helps drive various real time visualizations on devices like tablet , web and TV.


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