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Tulsa: Entrepreneurs Full of Life Hubspot

The entrepreneurship environment is witnessing a boon in the Silicon Valley. There are many companies flourishing with innovative concepts, and they look forward to materialize their idea. As the larger section of the startups does not deal with technology, there are professionals in various spheres. Thus, entrepreneurs may include investors, academic professionals and government and private enterprises in national and international programs.

These entrepreneurial programs have been implemented from short weekend programs to multi-month programs, with increased funding. All these initiatives are taken to boost businesses in their initial stages and other businesses as well.

When all the above factors are considered, we think of places such as Boston or New York to be ideal to start a business, but Tulsa, Oklahoma is bustling with great entrepreneurial activity, reports Sean Griffin, CEO and Founder of Startup Cup.

The first step of the entrepreneurial activity, started as a casual conversation with the former Mayor, which was followed by a trip to Kauffman Foundation in 2006, which later grew into an entrepreneurial movement. The program is now christened as the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The main objective of the movement was to create a regional program, inspire budding entrepreneurs, paving way for the Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award business model.

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