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Top 6 U.S Deals in Q3 and the People Behind Them

Venture deals are on a rise and it is the current trend of tech startups who are mainly focusing on creating their own stand  in the global arena. Therefore below given are the names of six companies and their CEO’s who have created a significant impact in the growth of these six significant companies

#1 Square Inc

The Mobile Credit card processing company has successfully raised $200 million bringing the company’s worth to $3.25 billion. Jack Dorsey, CEO, Square, as service provider in mobile payment has grown widely allowing customers with an iPhone, iPad or any other mobile compatible device to accept card payment, and very shortly the point of sale registrars and swiping machines will be replaced by iPads or tablets that will be paired and used in future.

“The era of standalone machines is over,” Rabois, a former PayPal exec, told All Things D. “Everyone will be migrating to iPads and comparable devices, which will be powered by an app — that is, hopefully, Square.” Reports cult of Mac.

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