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theAudience Raises $20 Million in SeriesA

theAudience, a stealthy startup headquartered in Los Angeles has recently closed its Series A funding round with an acquisition of $20 million. The funding round was mainly led by investors like Founders fund, Participant Media, Guggenheim Partners, Intertainment Media and Capricon Investment group.

With CEO Oliver Luckett leading the company, what theAudience mainly does is to manage the social media accounts of over 300 celebrities, who have reached out to over a 800 million fans in all.

theAudience thus provides ever busy celebrities a platform for them in order to navigate the world of startups in social media. Having partnered with Napster, Plaxo, Sean Parker( Facebook’s President and Airtime’s cofounder)and Ari Emanuel (super agent of Hollywood and CoCEO of William Morris),the company today includes clients like Mark Whilburg, Eddie Murphy, Jack Black and Charlize Theron.

The company now plans to grow itself with the recent funds raised. It now includes on its board of directors, Sean Parker, Luckett, Emanuel and a representative from Guggenheim. The company can now build its staff and court its various sponsors.

Working directly with movie marketers, promoters and record labels the company aspires to do more than mere protection of its celebrity users from social media missteps. It has now developed software that helps them track things like the success their tweets and wall posts have made, measure how long their fans have remained engaged with their posts, and the best times of day for posting.

In fact theAudience was also involved in the Obama campaign recently. It has, as Lucklett puts it, “reinvigorate the campaign’s social media and empower fans to get the word out”, as reported by Techcrunch.

This was mainly done by its network social architecture for various things like infographics and other sharable content. It has also launched pages that target all key constituency groups on Facebook.

These improved services have allowed the company to charge its celebrities an increased fee of $ 5000.

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