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Shopinterest, the Platform from Pinterest Extends Beta Period

Backed by 500 Startups, Shopinterest is an ecommerce site where sellers can get their Pinterest Boards sold.  The startup has recently decided to get its Beta period extended by six months. It is during this time that the platform will work on its SMB focused selling solution. The startup has also worked on the launching of another affiliate marketing program where sellers can make use of third parties in getting their items sold. This is the “Shopinterest Sales Network”.

The startup mainly evolved after its earlier efforts with Pintics which is no longer in operation. However a large number of its users had expressed their interest in the use of Pinterest in order to get their products sold. This was when Shopinterest was created. The Pinterest boards of sellers can in this way be turned into online stores. This is what can be referred to as the “Shopify for Pinterst”.

The company had also participated in the earlier program by 500 Startups. Today, the number of items listed on the platform for sale has in fact gone up to over a 25,000.

The startup has recently announced that it will continue with its beta period. It also has plans to keep its sales fees low at the end of the period, as has been declared by Fransisco Guererro, the cofounder of the company. The aim behind keeping the sales fees low is in attracting SMB sized seller base to the platform. “While ebay and Amazon have been moving ‘upward’, they are less focused on the needs of SMB sellers, so we want to be their champion,” Guerrero explains, as reported by


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