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Presidential Palace Calls on Denver Techies, Focus on Startups

The White House had held a discussion with the tech experts from Denver to mould few government projects to support small businesses and entrepreneurs who start their journey now, reports Andy Vuong of Todd Park, CTO of U.S. announced in a meeting that five new startups will be concentrated as of now. The meeting was held at The Oxford Hotel, Denver including fifty business tech bizzares who possessed expert knowledge.

The focal point of the meeting included projects such as MyGov, which would ease public access to federal government data and another called RFP-EZ, which has positive news for startups. He further added that $80 billion was spent in a year on IT and startups do not get this opportunity with the complex process involved in the government.

"This is a missed opportunity," he said.  When an executive questioned him regarding the success of President Obama in the elections to come, he promptly replied that the ideas relating to the growth of the economy would not harness irrespective of any governance.

Park  was a six- city tour covering San Fransisco, LA and New York for Parks which was hosted by Denver based healthcare app maker iTriage.

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