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Oklahoma Emerging as the Energetic Startup Hub

The startup environment is not confined to San Francisco, California or Washington, but the startup fever has spread to Oklahoma. Though the reception may be as grand as the companies built in the east coast, because of less cost of living and labor cost, reports the staff of Entrepreneur.

If you an entrepreneur and have plans to establish your company with a meager amount, the city offers you with low cost expense, because you can sustain for a long time here; instead of establishing yourself in well known cities of the U.S, and suffering a loss.

"There's strong access to capital here and an aggressive financial attitude among the banking community to fund new businesses and there’s a core of entrepreneurs here to help new businesses get off the ground, because they got help back when they started.” says Roy Williams, president and CEO of the Oklahoma City Chamber, as reported by Entrepreneur.

He further adds that there is a huge difference in getting recognized in a small place than competing with the others to seek attention. Therefore the ball is in your court; choose a location with comparable lesser amount rent, establishing cost, salary to paid etc by choosing Oklahoma City till you can sustain as an entrepreneur who has just begun his entrepreneurial journey.

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