Mobile Video Startup Vuclip Raises $35 Million

Vuclip, the independent mobile video company provides 25 million video clips to consumers worldwide. People can search, discover and share videos online using smartphomes or other internet devices. The company has raised $35 million in a three series funding which has been led by Jafco Investors and Singtel Innov8, reports John Boudreau of siliconbeat.

The company, based in Mipitas is using Silicon Valley Technology to aid upcoming markets around the world. Additionally, they have 45 million consumers who are using the app, per month in more than 200 countries. Its app and video based technology is well designed for devices, which cost $100 or less. The technology is equipped in such a way that the latest 4G network and the primitive 2G network both can function well.

“For a long time, companies believed the most monetized consumers were in the United States. For a long time, companies believed the most monetized consumers were in the United States, said Nickhil Jakatdar, Vuclip co-founder and CEO.

It was incorporated six years ago, Jatakdar says that this year could be more rewarding for the company because a small amount of fee is collected to watch these videos and a consumer goods company sponsors advertising channels to make aware the presence of the app to people.

The company holds a mission to provide an enriching experience to consumers in any platform, media, content or device.

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