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Kaltura Raises $ 25 Million in Series D

Kaltura , a startup company that deals with video management has in its recent series D funding round raised an amount of $ 25 million. The funding round was mainly led by Mitsui Global Investment along with Orix ventures. Additional participants in the funding round included Intel Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Avalon Ventures and 406 Ventures.

Founded in 2007, the company has raised a $ 70 million from its earlier funding rounds. The company, being a fast growing one, aspires to expand itself in the Asia Pacific market. Most of its business being enterprise focused Kaltura sells to clients both directly and indirectly through partners. In fact Ron Yekutiel, CEO for Kaltura declares that distributors and third party resellers constitute 25 percent of the sales at Kaltura.

Based in New York, the company has made its presence in Europe and other parts of the U.S too. Video hosting, streaming, analytics, transcoding, cross platform delivery and platform and maintenance services are some of the things found in the platform’s Software as a Service solution. Apart from this, Kaltura also provides to its integrators various source code and API.

With its modular structure and open source platform which entrepreneurs can easily deploy, Kaltura differs from other online video platforms. Based on individual needs various pieces of its platform can be purchased by customers.

Because of its numerous advantages, a number of traditional organizations like enterprise customers, academic institutions and government agencies have adopted the company’s platform to create various internet video portals.

Having its own developer community, with members reaching up to a 40000, a number of third party apps from the Kaltura exchange have been implemented or created.

The platform can also be integrated with various enterprise tools which are used in communication, training and collaboration.

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