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Hubspot Gathers $35 Million Resulting in Business Expansion

Hubspot, a popular digital online marketing firm which is situated in Cambridge, U.S. is led by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The objective of the company is to provide easy marketing techniques rather than the tedious methods which were adopted earlier. The startup has received $35 million from U.S in the latest round of funding. The fund was led by a large unnamed institutional investor, as reported by Demand Gen Report. In addition to the above investor, Alimeter Capital, Cross Creek Capital and other investors also participated.

With the current round of funding the net capital of the company reaches $100 million, which is a huge leap for a startup, founded in 2006. The CEO and Co- founder Brian Halligan says that the current funds will be used to fuel the employee strength by 50 people and the company plans an expansion, with inaugurating an International branch in Dublin, Ireland. Currently, Hubspot employs around 400 people with 8,000 satisfied customers around 56 nations. The company has shot up to 60 million revenue in the Q3, showing an 80 percent hike compared to last year.

The flagship service that the company offers is digital marketing and the company promises to launch a new release in August. The software is called as Hubspot 3 and it connects to customers along with their entire database. It also enables to deliver statistics as well as grab some contacts. iPhone or iPad users can manage their accounts from their respective phones with the iOS mobile app. This enhanced software will bring the buyer-seller concept a little closer with customized messages to the current and prospective customers.

The company is growing at a fast pace, trying to make a mark in digital marketing. The company has joined hands with, Ektron and Hoosuite. The former is a web content firm, while the latter serves as a media management firm. With the media dashboard of Hootsuite, this is helpful to social networks and organizations.

"Our goal has always been to build a successful, enduring, independent company that transforms how the world does marketing, This financing sets us up for big investments in hiring and acquisitions so that we can continue to change the way the world does marketing." said Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO, reported by Demand  Gen.

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