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Groupnotes: Winner in the Competition among Startups

Groupnotes, a startup company from Canada emerges as the winner of a global competition among startups. The competition was organized by Startup Weekend and held in Toronto. The competition was an exciting one where a startup had to be launched in just 54 hours. The founders of this startup include Matthew Gardner, Jason Moore and Greg Connell apart from two graduates of Sheridan College namely Graham Kennery and Matt Cosby.

The winner company will receive a reward of various prizes,  worth more than a $35,000. These include Google Cloud, design assistance, legal support and relations for public relations. Apart from this, the Groupnotes team will soon be visiting San Fransisco on a tour to Googleplex where they will meet various mentors, investors and founders. This is going to be followed by a flight to Rio de Janerio where they will participate in the Global Entrepreneurial Congress which is held annually. Finally, the company also wins a chance to open the Stock Exchange in Toronto.

So how did the startup win this competition? An idea was pitched in over a minute, developed over a weekend, and a functioning company was formed. The product developed is called Groupnotes which is basically a tool for collaboration in online research. Members of one project or a school can thus work together in a group.  Notes, pictures and highlights can be further added. Multiple members can collaborate here without having members steps retraced.

This is a platform that mainly works for education and focuses on the needs of professors and educators.

“The product itself got shaped a little differently from the initial weekend,” Gardner said in an interview, explaining that the product changed dramatically following an interview with educators and students regarding their own needs. “We sort of found a pretty nice market with education and decided to sell directly to educators. There’s been excitement about it from elementary all the way through to university professors.” as reported by

Teachers thus get a unique insight into a fairly opaque process of learning. The platform also helps establish practices that help gather information and research.

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