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Ed Tech Startups: Why They Fail So Often

Have you ever wondered why ed tech startups often go wrong? It’s because founders of these startups do not realize the fact that there is a lot to do apart from launching their product. Research, assessment, refinement are the essentials without which ed tech startups can and will go wrong. A founder of an ed tech startup must always consider providing educators data revealing the usefulness of the product they launch. Designing the study with an academic collaborator will be a better option since data has been a favorite among most academic circles. This can lead to newer ways being discovered and hence a more robust product. Do not make a mistake of getting your product launched without going into a study of the current academic culture.

No startup can magically create success among students and hence ed tech startup founders need to go through the literature behind the ways in which technology affects students. The way in which technology is  used can create a huge difference in its success or failure among students. Talking with educators about designing the product is a must. Sadly this is something most ed tech do not do. Most ed tech startup founders do not bother to read a single work of educational research. What’s more , venture capital firms and foundations investing in these startups are easily fooled by the marvelous presentation of these products.

Ignoring the fact that education faculty and administrators are distrustful of startups is another common trait among most ed tech startup founders. In fact the U.S’s council of economic advisors says “It is difficult for producers of these technologies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.”-as reported by

A major factor is that these startups are unwilling to demonstrate their effectiveness apart from lacking the expertise in doing so. What founders need to know here is when it comes to convincing educators it’s not what they hear that matters but what they see. So do not tell them anything, just show it.


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