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Confluence Raises $4Million From Round Series A

Confluence Life Sciences, a biotech company that focuses on treatments for inflammatory diseases like cancer has in its recent series A funding raised an amount of $4Million led by DFJ Mercury. The venture capital financing round also includes in it conversion of notes by Helix Fund, Missouri Technology Corporation and the Biogenerator, according to a recent press release.

Based in St Louis, the biotech startup provides rapid development and discovery of various kinase inhibitors for treating inflammatory diseases like cancer. The company will now be able to develop and discover novel therapeutics by leveraging its platform for propriety technology and advancing its product candidates.

Founded by pharmaceutical experts, the company makes use of cutting edge and propriety methods while developing new drugs called kinase inhibitors, which are now a key class of targets equally critical for both human and animal health care.

The company now plans to develop a portfolio of the best class of drugs for addressing all the major and unmet medical needs of these chronic inflammatory diseases. It will soon enable progress in development with its technology for discovery.

“We are very excited by the Confluence team and technology platform, and the rapid progress the company has already made,” said Daniel Janiak, Ph.D., of DFJ Mercury, a Houston, TX based venture capital firm. “We look forward to working with them to advance their product pipeline and platform.”

 “Kinase inhibitors have become a very productive class of new drugs in recent years, and we founded Confluence to accelerate the discovery and development of inhibitors with improved selectivity and potency for novel kinases,” said Walter Smith, CEO of Confluence. “With the combination of deep experience in drug development and a discovery platform that rapidly leads us to effective drugs, we have already begun to demonstrate this. This funding, along with DFJ Mercury’s support, will enable us to continue this progress.”

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