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"Box of OMG" : Let's make Girls Happier

While “Box of Awesome” which was launched earlier by Dylan Collins had kids as its main target, “Box of OMG” which will be launching very soon mainly has little girls from the ages of eight to fourteen as its main target. All that a user will have to do here is subscribe and she will receive a box delivered to him twice a month.

So what does the box contain? Nothing but surprises. Make up, fashion, books, tickets, movies, all from the known brands and startups. Lovely, isn’t it?

Companies can in this way get their wares discovered by paying and getting themselves included in this box. Box of Awesome which was launched before this mainly targeted both boys and girls from the ages of eight to fourteen and managed to win over thirty thousand subscribers. It is also receieving new sign ups that go from over two hundred to four hundred each day with almost no marketing.

“When you’re faced with about thirty thousand 8-14 year olds who are all demanding a box, you need to get creative”, says Dylan.

The model has in fact been slightly tweaked for those kids with the introduction of an alternative paid for subscription for kids who want to jump the line.

“We introduced the concept of a paid subscription/guaranteed box for kids to relieve this pressure a little,” say Collins. “At just 38p a week, it’s a pretty good deal for any parent.”

However, it has been stressed by Collins that free subscription is the main proposition here. Kids receiving the box here will also be requested to provide their feedback regarding the items they receive.

“The Box of OMG [idea] came from specific demand from our clients and our community,” he says. “Girls are more complicated than boys. The reality is that some girls like more ‘boy’ things and some girls like more ‘girl’ things. We wanted to make sure we had the broadest appeal possible.”

“The really cool thing is we’ve got a huge variety of items in our box,” says Collins. “If anything, we think that the number of items will increase over time. It’s like we’re becoming a specialist startup retail platform, which is rather brilliant.”



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