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10 Best Marketing & Research Startups – 2016

December 2016

Years-over-years, marketing research has matured in India and moved towards becoming a huge industry. With efficient analysis of the information gathered, marketing research strives to orient the enterprise with customer expectation and delivering value. Trusted as the one of the key decision making tools, the whole gamut of this industry has witnessed a radical change due to the introduction of social media and access of the real time data of the consumers. Overall India-based marketing & research services industry has touched $20 billion in 2015 and all set to double by 2020 to $38 billion. Due to the existence of the immense...

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Table of Contents


Cyber-Security – Your Priority In A Dangerous Digital Age

Nilesh Jain, Country Manager, Trend Micro


The Value & Need of Processes Optimization for SMEs in India

Kunal Singhal, Founder & MD, Eazy ERP


Understanding the System of An Evolving Startup Ecosystem

Pranav Marwah, Co-Founder, thinQbate


Indian Startup Ecosystem – Challenges, growth & Opportunities

Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder & Chairman, Smartron


New Business Horizons: How Ad-tech is changing the Mobile App Economy in India

Ashwin Shekhar, Head of Global Sales, Glispa Global Group


Are Indian Events Ready to get Bigger, Better & Profitable?

Hitesh Gossain, Founder & CEO, Onspon


How Digital Financing Services Help in Uplifting SMBs

Pradeep Shekhawat, Head SMB Business, PayU India


Think You're Cut Out For Doing Iot And Cloud?

Aashish Kalra, Chairman, Cambridge Technologies

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