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The Market Dynamics of Structured Cabling Market Globally

By Natarajan Viswanathan, Managing Director - India & SAARC, CommScope Enterprise Solutions

Natarajan Viswanathan, Managing Director - India & SAARC, CommScope Enterprise Solutions

CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV) is a provider of infrastructure solutions for wireless, business enterprise, residential broadband and carrier wireline networks with approximately 3,000 patents and patent applications worldwide.

Today structured cabling is evolving faster than ever before with the mix of network technologies being the most volatile while the overall growth seems to be very strong as well. The adoption of new technologies such as virtualization and all the subsequent advantages it offers are driving change. The network infrastructure, structured cabling is being driven ahead to support these business goals. CommScope customers include the early adopters of these business systems and therefore we have been working for several years to bring new cabling systems to market to meet our customer’s needs.

In India, the SCS market is cluttered with a variety of players offering a variety of solutions. CommScope manufactures 100 percent of all it offers and thus has a control on product quality and performance. Our 20 year warranty is unique in terms of offering a ‘total channel warranty’ as compared to the components warranty other players offer.

Market Trends and Future of SCS market in India:

The recent trends have been that the customers have started looking into and deploying the future cabling infrastructure for their requirements. As more and more customers started building their Data Centers either as captive or as hosted, they have started deploying the infrastructure like 10G over Copper and OM4 fibers. Intelligence is going to be a growth area. Companies working in dynamic times have to keep making changes to their layouts. They need intelligence to achieve this with the shortest possible downtime and also document the process. Intelligence is very important. It is also essential to address security and asset management issues.

The future will surely hold a continued exponential shift in technologies. The rate of adoption of new technologies will continue to increase. Infrastructure continues to enable change and structured cabling continues to be a sound investment. There may well be a shift in deployment when we consider higher speed backbone technologies like 40G or 100G from copper to fiber.

Challenges in this market:

Today's businesses require advanced information technology and Customers are just looking in to the price but they are not emphasizing on performance and sustainability. This has to change and there should be more focus given to structure cabling which has a longer life span. Structured cabling provides good ROI for any customer. The upgrades required would be very minimal there by saving time and money. Customers have to understand this before they decide on going for Structured Cabling Solutions.

Recent technological advancements in this segment:

Technologies today change quickly. There are for example several models or architectures that offer varying benefits to ITS. Platforms that look very attractive today will be eclipsed in the future. Structured cabling is designed to enable these changes. The 10G over copper Category 6A/Class EA was ratified in 2008 and now we can see more deployments by the customer. Also the announcement of OM4 fiber paves the way for 40/100G up gradation in the datacenters and back bone infrastructures. Also the management of the physical infrastructure plays a vital role and more and more customers are adopting the same.

Concerns in Structured cabling Solutions market:

Structured Cabling Solution is like a nervous system of the human body. The Physical layer supports all other layers of the network. It is only prudent that the more attention is needed to this physical layer. The concern that we have, is that customers are spending 95 percent of their time in selecting the active components like servers, routers, switches and storage. Very little time is given to the structured cabling. Also the active components mentioned above are changed every 4-5 years whereas the structured cabling installation once done, is good for at least 20 years. So there is all the more reason why more attention needs to be given the selection, design and installation of this physical layer. CommScope is again setting the pace of change in network infrastructure.

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