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Successful SEO Strategy for Any Startup in 2017

By Sushant Singh, AVP- Digital,

Sushant Singh, AVP- Digital,

Every now & then, we are listening about a new startup shining in the horizon of the business sphere. Be it finance, infrastructure or hospitality everything is now technology driven and so is the marketing of these perfectly shaped business models.

Doing marketing for any company now is a different ball game as it was just five years ago. The importance of digital marketing and internet influence has taken a whole new dimension towards choosing the niche audience for your business. 

With the time internet marketing also evolved from basic search engine optimization to core content marketing campaigns. Every startup is now relied heavily on their digital marketing experts to bring new leads, clients and business for the organization. The new face of the online industry needs a fresh strategy when it comes to enhancing SEO that works to keep your business relevant on search engine results.

On the keynote of success, I intend to address top 10 things to be checked and ensured for any successful SEO strategy for a startup as:

Identify Your Targeted Keywords (What’s Your Business is All About)

Whenever we talk about SEO, every conversation about results and analysis starts with keywords. How are they ranking on search engines and how well has been the movement from later pages to first page of search results. Based on your demographic and a proper analysis of current and recent search trends you can easily determine the keywords that have the most return with the least competition. 

Being Mobile Optimized

Every expert of the online business is now focusing on mobile optimization and ensuring their web portal is compatible for any user be it mobile, tablet or desktop. Mobile friendly is becoming the new standard, as was made apparent by Google's latest update.

 Simple is Usually Better

Creating content to market a startup means making connection with your target audience. Keeping it simple is the best way to get information across to someone who isn't an industry expert.

Develop and Follow a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy helps you to work towards a specific goal keeping in mind the target demographic, amount of social media or blog postings per day, what your created content is supposed to do and how you rectify problems when content doesn't perform as expected.

Leverage the Power of Infographics

In the last couple of years, Infographics have made up a large portion of content produced and shared on social media. The reason is simple. Infographics utilize the power of both graphical presentation and text-based interface to catch the reader's attention and draw them into the content.


What many startup marketing strategies fail to take into account is how important prioritizing is. In any sort of business, your most important resource is time. To manage your time properly, you need to be aware of what needs to be done first and balance it with what has the most significant impact on your audience.

Figure Out Your Social Networking Channels

People these days evaluate a lot about by their social presence. Earlier it used to be word to mouth marketing, now it has taken a new name as social media optimization. Understanding that you can't cover all the possible avenues is the first thing you must come to terms with.

Link Building

Modern day link building requires proper understanding of how anchor tags work and how you can best utilize them to increase your search engine rank. Tools such as Mozbar allow you to quickly ascertain if a link is good by glancing at the DA score.

Keep Your Content Relevant

If you're focusing on a particular topic in your niche, then make it exhaustive and far-reaching.  Creating content is how you attract new users and make sure that your site doesn't stagnate. The idea of generating good backlinks to go with good content makes more sense. Together these things are very helpful for a site's final page rank.

Analytics are Your Friend

Numbers don't lie and the relevant numbers to you are the ones that tell you of your page's successes and failures. While successes are important to celebrate, failures allow you to improve your site. Analytics give you goals to aim for and are a pretty good guide as how successful your marketing strategy has been so far and what could be improved in the future.

In 2017 the landscape surrounding content marketing is likely to become a lot more competitive. That's why it's important for startups to understand how good content can affect their SEO results, leading them to develop strategies that can help them grow rapidly early on. Your mission as a startup should be clear and by concentrated application of tested SEO principles, your startup can achieve what it set out to do and much, much more. 

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