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Reinventing or Boring? How Does Your Brand Sound Online?

By Gaurav Pandey, Co-Founder,

Gaurav Pandey, Co-Founder,

Digital MarCom Company, invents & reinvents “the content” for online communication with an aims to alter the alleyway of how people think of online marketing. Today, the company boost engagement rate, build referral engines for brand, advance conversion ratio and improve marketing communication with consumers. 

Digital Marketing is getting boring, very boring. All that SEO, PPC, and Social media postings with an almost belief that no one is going to notice, and if fortunately we get it Shared... Voila!


Is it because overusing the online platform(s) and neglecting need of re-innovating inside the box or lack of envisioning from outside the box to gain fresh perspective? It’s both, I guess.

Reinventing a Marketing Platform? Is It Real? How?

We are watching television for ages, without getting bored of it. Even today evening, you will find something interesting to turn on your TV. Did you realize why after ages, consumers are still glued to it? And, how it is still one of the biggest mediums to reach an advertising audience? The Secret is, by Reinventing the Content. Every time. By constantly reinventing the content inside-the-box, television has kept its significance for consumers, despite of being a massive advertising distribution platform.

I am not trying to preach anything. I just want us to reinvent our thinking for marketing online. Digital platforms are going to make us witness a few of the largest brand rises in upcoming decades, and content is what going to separate successful ones from others. So it’s serious. Innovations could be derived by cross over thinking as well, where you apply the practices of the X industry to Y Industry and look for new ideas. So does an edu-tech company from Hyderabad called is doing. help schools nurture students by installing a data driven, personalized learning system to conduct methodical examination, sensible feedback & learning system, at Individual child’s level, to change how we teach new minds.

One of their upcoming digital marketing campaigns called XamCheck-Brainathon, will provoke schools at selected locations to conduct one day mock-up examination, where XamCheck team will help principles understand the learning gaps by analyzing the student results in real time, a high level of engagement with targeted customers i.e. the schools.

Surely, the campaign will be running on both online & offline advertising platforms and majority of the supportive promotion will be online, but the story to grab here is the level of engagement. This is the real content for any marketing campaign.

This type of innovative marketing mix will not only improve the ROI, but will also drive long lasting brand recall and a solid & measurable connection between your brand & consumers. So what you can take away from this article is:

Rethink Value Proposition

It’s important to not falling in love with what we have on offer, but to evaluate what are thing aspect of your product or services, that customers values most. For example: In a high ticket value e-Commerce business, you may be thinking of offering discounts, generally driven by peer pressure to lure customers.

However, if you see closely, you’ll notice that in this case buying online is actually about choosing comfort, and not the discount. So, let’s say if I am buying an Rs.4000 beard trimmer over your website, it’s an indication to you that I value my time, and I can spend slightly higher money to buy more time. So it is of no use to offer discounts to customers like me, but to redesign your copy to engage me in a different loyal behaviour like experience sharing, or a mobile cam video review. This will turn me into a brand advocate for you, while buying a customer like me using discount offer, will not differentiate your brand image for me.

Rethink Engagement Quality

When we people talk about engagement, Likes, Shares, Comments and many more is what generally comes to mind generally. Can we take engagement to a new level? where your consumers talks about your new story or your new viral video, or your new initiate on various platforms without you offering a “Share” button to click.


Do you remember the #ShareTheLoad campaign by Surf Excel, the detergent powder brand? Now this campaign was designed & executed both online & offline. (First time I saw the campaign in a Movie Theatre, and second time on YouTube.). However the content of the campaign was talking about one of our daily life’s wrong-doing, which we Men, just ignore to notice. Why Women should only do the laundry?

This very well executed campaign instils a sense of inappropriate gender biased doing by Men, softly, and provokes Men to get real and share the work load @ Home. What a fantastic impression on minds, and a push to change the world slightly. In fact; I started doing my laundry after that, continuously. That’s the power of the right content. Do you think still (content = articles)?

Redefine Your Content Story

Content quality has been misleading heavily by SEO advocates, who made all us not to think beyond keyword injections in every type of content (text, image, videos and many more).I remember one of my previous colleagues talking longer about the kind of keywords we should include in page title & tags of the YouTube viral video, than the video itself. That’s pathetic. I mean… Hell! So it’s time to rethink your content beyond keywords, and even beyond their subjective likeness that does it contain any specific importance for your audience in the current circumstances, both online & offline.

For example – Festival season is up now here in India. So, if you produce some content to help people recall their family elders, their broken relationships, then chances are that it will be very well accepted now a week, in comparison of any other portion of the year, and people may also carry this story in their hearts offline as well.

That’s real content.  That’s real engagement. And it’s measurable too, because one inspired by your story will like it, share it or at least spend more time on a page. So, if during this festival season, you publish an article, and you find average visitor time spent time on page is combatively higher than ordinary times, and then you have increased your audience engagement rate. At last, all I want to repeat is investing your time in reinventing, and rewriting your Contentories (content + stories).

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