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No more boundaries-The Introduction of 'Teams' in Business Messaging Apps has Revolutionized Workplace Collaboration

By Bhavin Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Flock

Bhavin Turakhia, Founder & CEO, Flock

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Collaboration is built into the human DNA. It's the spirit that embraces teamwork and communication and drives us to do everything we do, including our work. The modern and mobile workplace reflects this thought. No longer do they operate by keeping employees separated by titles, departments or geographies, and no longer is communication in the workplace relegated to memos and face-to-face meetings in a physical building. Rather organizations welcome the idea that they are stronger and more efficient when everyone comes together. However, modern teams are mobile in nature just as they are diverse. They range from employees who spend a large part of their workday out in the field to those who successfully operate all business transactions only with their smartphones.

Helping these diverse individuals effectively collaborates at the workplace and stay connected in real-time is team messengers that include an innovative ‘teams’ feature. They allow for the creation of a wide range of teams that include your entire company and those specific to your project, and those that facilitate collaboration and real-time messaging with external communities.

Why the ‘Teams’ Feature Makes All the Difference

Meant for today’s dynamic workforce, the ‘teams’ feature provides seamless collaboration at the workplace across teams. Your teams no longer need to be confined by any boundaries -physical or digital - but can range from those in the immediate organization to external clients, and interest or industry peer groups. Read on to find out how “teams” in a free messaging service for business enterprise can make all the difference in the enterprise communication space.

‘Teams’ are Necessary for Growing Collaboration Needs

When your enterprise messenger comes with the “teams” feature, it gives the user the huge benefit of having instant access to multiple teams with just a single account. A true Team messenger should allow any user to create a team using either a company or a free domain email id. So whether you want to connect with your project head about the status of your report or fix up a sales meeting with your vendor, you won’t have to switch between apps or resort to email. You can get everything done on a single platform, just by switching teams.

Further advantages include compatibility across all devices and platforms, and the ability to create groups within your team for specific projects and common interests. For organizations seeking companywide teams on their team messaging app, their admins have the choice of creating an organization-wide team, allowing all users with the company email to be added automatically.

Security is not Compromised with ‘Teams’

While the ‘teams’ feature is great news for users of real-time messaging apps, security, which is a key essentiality in a business environment, is given the highest priority. Stringent security is ensured through powerful admin controls. Admins enjoy the power to open and/or restrict groups to the domains of their choice. They further have the ability to secure data transfer through customized managing of file sharing permissions within the team messaging app.

For teams, which are being created at an organizational level, admins can choose to automatically add all users with the company email or any other specified domain of their choice. Alternatively, they can create invitation only teams for priority collaboration. Organizations can also determine who can manage invitations to a particular team chat. It can be restricted to the admin or any team member. In this way, security is never compromised- whether it relates to who can access the team or what data can be shared.

For communication and collaboration on a larger scene, ‘teams’ enables the creation of public teams. Here, anyone on the internet can discover and join a team chat of mutual interest without any prior approval.

‘Teams’ will Facilitate Increased Usability

Very often business messaging apps fail to convince a user because of its lack of usability. What’s the whole point of having a free messaging service for business app, when you have to resort to email to stay connected with your vendors, clients, and peer groups? The ‘teams’ feature overcomes this by allowing users to create access and switch between multiple Teams. And with the many app integrations available, all you need is one messaging platform that will meet your entire collaboration and productivity needs.

‘Teams’- the Gold Standard for Enterprise Collaboration Apps

While the ‘teams’ feature is fairly new, it has, without a doubt, become the gold standard for anyone using a team messenger for workplace collaboration. Users will no longer be bound by their company domain to use the team messaging app. By fostering communities and building an environment of shared knowledge, the teams feature brings to life the true spirit of collaboration. And when applied to workplace collaboration this will help push innovation and productivity beyond boundaries and open our eyes to the endless possibility that collaborative ideas are what the present and future relies on. 

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