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Artificial Intelligence: A Whole New World

By Rohit Pansari, Co-founder, DoneThing

Rohit Pansari, Co-founder, DoneThing

Artificial Intelligence is the sub field of computer science which emphasizes on developing intelligent machines just like humans. It aims to develop smarter computers which can perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans. Our conversational assistants like Apple's Siri, Google Now or Microsoft Crotona provide us the glimpse of the futuristic world based on CAD or CAM enabled these programs for the perception and recognition of shapes in computer vision system.

Simply put any program can be considered AI if it does something we would consider intelligent as we human do. We simply expect AI enabled machines to work and react like humans.  Some of the activities for which the Artificial Intelligence enabled computers are designed for are Speech Recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem Solving.

The idea is to develop advanced interactions between humans and computers which lead us to NLP or Natural Language Processing. It is a concept which merges the boundaries of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics so as to enable computer understanding and manipulation of human language. The sole aim of NLP is to turn every human language or words into structured data to provide more intelligent solutions to human problems. Today this branch of Artificial Intelligence has various important implications on the interaction between humans and computers for the creation of a better and easy world. The researches are going on to make it more advanced so that it bridges the gap between human communications carrying wealth of information and computer interpretations which will open a whole new door of technology advancements. Machine translation. Spam removal, algorithm trading, reducing the information overloads from the system. Evolution of search engine pages providing more intelligent and focussed information are some of the advancements in future targeted by development of enhanced Natural language Processing (NLP).

This type of knowledge based engineering plays the key role in developing Artificial Intelligence into the machines. Machines can act like humans only if they have the abundant information about our world and access to objects, categories, properties and the relationship between all of them. So this leads to another core part of Artificial Intelligence which is machine learning.

Machine Learning emphasises on developing systems which can learn out of their experience. It is a statistical method of data analysis that automates analytical model building which will enable computers to find hidden insights in quest of solutions without being explicitly programmed. The aim is to enable automatic methods for machines where they can understand the problem by themselves without any human assistance with the help of their learning algorithms.

The natural Language Processing along with Machine learning technology enabled system are paving the path of a very advanced world which may be run by the robots like Iron Man 'Jarvis' and with the development of such precise models the organisations will have better chances of identifying profitable opportunities and also avoiding unknown risks. Here we are talking about entirely a new world free of human errors or at least the least of human error. The world has already witnessed the information boom and exponential growth of social network platform where the written texts are diluting the boundaries between the nations and have quickened the human interactions more than ever. Facebook, Quora, You Tube are part of our daily life which are helping us to achieve our personal and professional goals. With the advancement of Google and Siri we are already moving towards a world more efficient. Looking for various contents, searching things on our smart phones have never been this easier. Voice recognition and speech to text features are already part of our world which make our life easier, faster, lessened errors and more efficient.

The researches are going on in developing AI enabled machines which can not only predict the human texts or voice inputs but also predict their mood and interpret their behaviour. The much talked about Google made car is one such machine which would solely depend on Artificial Intelligence for its functioning. Such machines would be able to judge the panic or nervous components into human behaviour easily with the help of advanced AI.

However the question arises here that all this exponential growth of communication and information boom with the help of Artificial intelligence which is still safe to say is in early stages has led our race towards building a whole new society where human depends on machine for interacting with another human. The increasing dependability on machines which is affecting human behaviour sometimes also hint us a future like shown in movie 'Terminator' where the humans would be ruled by the self interpreting intelligent machines.

So developing an advanced AI promises us a better future where there would be endless opportunities of space exploration and establishment of error free workplaces where robots would reduce the workload with greater precision and accuracy. Thinking machines would never be an alternative of human creative minds and emotions. Wouldn't unemployment and poverty would be the part of the society in world run by robots where wealth could be the property if some business houses only because the cost incurred in the maintenance and repair of such machine is enormous. And then the use of such invincible machines by wrong hands imposes the destruction of this planet itself.

At the end we should have a clear understanding of where we are heading towards with the help of machines which replicate human intelligence. The development and destruction of human society and this planet lies in this very essence.

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