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5W's and 1H of SEO

By Manveer Singh Malhi, Partner & Digital Head - iGenero

Manveer Singh Malhi, Partner & Digital Head - iGenero

What is SEO?        

SEO as the name implies is a marketing discipline focussed on improving your websites ranking on search engines when people search for your brand related keywords using technical and creative elements.

Why is SEO Still Relevant?

In a world where organic is the buzzword anything inorganic like promoted or sponsored is looked at with scepticism. SEO highlights your website in the organic section of search engines and consequently garners a higher trust vote from visitors. There is also that small commercial element that SEO helps you acquire new customers without spending too much moolah.

How Much a Brand Should Invest in SEO?

For most brands, SEO is the highest RoI marketing effort digitally. However, due to its organic nature it is temperamental. Keeping this in mind 3-5 percent of your overall budget should go to SEO.

What’s New in SEO?

According to studies, 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults use voice search on a daily basis. With the rise of chatbots this number will skyrocket in a short time. This statistic clearly proves that voice search optimisation is the future of SEO and brands need to start incorporating voice search strategy into their websites.

Who Should One go to for SEO?

SEO is a discipline of digital marketing which entails a very specialised mix of technical and creative elements. Add to that the ever-changing algorithm of search engines makes SEO a domain which is best left to the professionals like digital agencies, SEO consultants or performance marketing agencies who are proficient in it.

How Should One Benchmark Them?

Good SEO professionals, agencies or consultants can be identified based on their portfolio and case studies which highlight their past triumphs. However, it is easy to embellish facts on paper, it is harder to reproduce them. SEO is not a one night stand, but a long-term commitment. If any agency guarantees the elusive No.1 rank in the short term, run like hell. If any consultant’s SEO strategy focuses on backlinks politely excuse yourself.

SEO takes a minimum of 6 months and depends of content and technical strategy to improve rankings. Anyone else promising anything else, should raise red flags in
your mind. 

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